Muharram with The Imam Hussein Foundation

Join us from Wednesday 19th July 2023 for 13 nights during the month of Muharram. Program begins at 7pm sharp.


Our vision is to see a world of God consciousness, respect, dignity and justice.


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The Imam Hussein Foundation is a Registered Charity: 1109002

Our mission is to Serve, Educate and Inspire.


The Afghan People Need Your Help Urgently.

We are working on the Ground in the United Kingdom and in Afghanistan. Together we can Inshallah help to rebuild their shattered lives. Please Click on the “Donate Now” button below.


We promote tolerance and encourage participation of all

The Imam Hussein Foundation works actively to promote tolerance and understanding. In the past, we have organised the ‘Unity Eid Fair’ with representation from all the major faiths. Our trustees encourage constructive engagement in society and a rejection of extremism in all its forms.


Dignity & Enlightenment

We hold many events throughout the year, including some on a weekly basis. See below for a snapshot of the events we hold.

Dua Tawassul & Dua Kumayl

We hold these events every week.

Dua Tawassul: Every Tuesday @ 7pm. Dua Kumayl: Every Thursday @ 7pm.

Ramadan Programmes

We hold events every night during Ramadan We also hold events on Laylatul Qadr.

Muharram Programmes

Our Muharram Programme lasts for 12 nights, starting the night before Muharram begins. Lectures every night by top Sheikhs and Sayeds. Dinner served every night.

Press Coverage

With the Hertfordshire town of Watford hosting it’s first ever multicultural Eid Festival in 2016 in association with The Imam Hussein Foundation, the local Watford Observer newspaper covered the event, writing an article in the process.


Latest Project – North Watford Centre

The acquisition of a new centre in North Watford has brought a new lease of life to the Imam Hussein Foundation allowing us to widen our services to the community. Services include:


The centre plays a key role in education. We will continue our work with local partners to boost school attendance amongst our congregation. We shall also continue to facilitate a Saturday School, and various recreational activities and trips for young people.

Advice & Counselling

The Imam Hussein Foundation has trained personnel who are fully commited to advise and counsel on the many concerns of the community such as bereavement, cultural challenges, generational issues and matrimonial problems.

Pro-Bono – IHF

PBIHF is a free legal advice clinic for those members of society who are most vulnerable and unable to access and utilise the legal system through lack of finances. The clinic is available with qualified professionals every week. No appointment needed.

Lectures & Training

Regular programmes are open to all the family with a diverse range of speakers and topics, enhancing social and economic welfare.

Social Welfare

Social, as well as spiritual, welfare is at the heart of everything we do. We shall continue advising on a wide range of personal and religious matters.

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The Imam Hussein Foundation is a Registered Charity:  1109002